A downloadable game collection for Windows

Six old games from 2008-2010, all in one convenient bundle!

  • Intersection
  • Fwooshman
  • Eternal Trial
  • The Vector Project
  • Untitled No. 1
  • Pocket War

Using an archived version of the YoYoGames Sandbox site, I was able to salvage most of the games I posted there long after it was shut down.

These are the six games from that period that I'm actually willing to rerelease.

I consider all of them very difficult, whether in controls (Intersection, Fwooshman, The Vector Project), by terrible design (Untitled No. 1, Eternal Trial), or by the power of random number generators (Pocket War).

Thanks for downloading (and hopefully playing parts of) this game collection!

If you'd like, leave a comment below.



Blast from the Past 6-Pack 29 MB

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