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Since 1977 the Voyager 1 probe has been hurtling into space, collecting and transmitting valuable scientific data back to Earth.

Voyager 1's original missions have long since been accomplished. Now the probe is running low on power, most of its scientific instruments are permanently deactivated, and its rate of data transmission has slowed to a tiny trickle.

The Voyager Communication Interface (VCI) executable and the accompanying Voyager Operations Guide are the only remaining channels of communication with the probe. Use them to hear the last of Voyager 1's observations before its power supply runs too low to allow communication.

The probe also still carries approximately 2kg of hydrazine propellant. The VCI allows the user to redirect the probe, in the hopes that in its final days, Voyager 1 might unveil one final undiscovered phenomenon of the universe.

Keep the guide close by while operating the VCI, and keep Voyager 1 company as it rushes headlong to infinity.

Quick controls guide:

I: Begin inquiry

X: Cancel inquiry

W: Power inquiry

D: Distance inquiry

M: Magnetic field inquiry

C: Charged particles inquiry

P: Plasma frequency inquiry

A: Begin activate / deactivate process

M: Toggle magnetic field instrument

C: Toggle charged particles instrument

P: Toggle plasma frequency instrument

R: Calculate propellant redirect

R: Activate propellant redirect

F7: Mute

Esc (hold): Quit

Windows only. Made for #bitjam.


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